Go, also referred as Golang, is a statically-typed, compiled programming language designed for simplicity, efficiency, and ease of use. It was created with a focus on addressing the shortcomings of existing languages while providing a modern and efficient platform for building scalable, concurrent, and reliable software.

Why Use Go for Web Development?

  • Performance: Go is a compiled language that produces statically linked binaries.
  • Fast Compilation: Go has a fast compilation process, which means quicker feedback during development and shorter deployment times.
  • Concurrent and Efficient: Go’s native support for concurrency through goroutines and channels makes it easy to handle thousands of concurrent connections.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Go allows developers to compile code for multiple platforms easily, making it straightforward to deploy web applications across different operating systems without worrying about dependencies.
  • Scalability: Go’s design makes it well-suited for building scalable microservices and distributed systems.
  • Robust Standard Library: Go has standard libraries to work with web development.

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Get Started

This tutorial will teach you the basics of web development in Golang. Before starting you should have the basic knowledge of Go programming language and Go installed in your device. If you have not installed it yet, check out the official installation documentation.

If you want to know more about the packages used in this tutorial, I recommend you to read the official documentation.